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Would you like to have healthier, stronger, thicker hair?
What’s the secret?

Let’s start with having a healthy scalp. Too many men and women struggle with hair loss simply because they have unhealthy scalp condition. Do you take care of your scalp as much as your haircare and facial regiment? Hair conditions should be treated from the roots. That’s why at Hairlab Chicago, we believe maintaining scalp health is imperative for keeping stronger, thicker, and healthy hair.

With Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories CRLab you can see for yourself just how easy it is to improve your hair’s condition.

You’ll receive a complete scalp and hair health check during your visit. We perform a tricotest by using microscopic technology and computer analysis. It helps us identify and evaluate scalp and hair problems and design a customized program for each individual. So that we can establish the best combination of clinically tested products to improve your scalp’s circulation and boost hair growth.

CR Labs offers 3 effective protocols to tackle the major causes that affect our hair and scalp conditions:

  • Hair Loss Protocol
  • Dandruff Protocol
  • Sebum Protocol
Cesare Ragazzi Trichology

  CRLAB products are dermatologically tested by Italian University, following the GMP indications.

  CRLAB products are formulated and made in Italy, using the most innovative, safe, and certified high-quality raw materials.

Cesare Ragazzi Trichology

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